Craft3 Loan For Ada Developers Academy

Craft3, a local nonprofit lender, and Ada Developers Academy have teamed up to offer an affordable loan for participants.

Anyone enrolled in the program becomes eligible to apply for an affordable loan of up to $14,700 for up-front funds for the transition to Ada plus living expense during the instruction session.

This loan is very accessible. Loan repayment begins after instruction and internship terms are complete and features inclusive approval criteria - even to those with less than perfect credit scores.


Visit www.Craft3.org/Ada. You can also contact Craft3 at Ada@Craft3.org or 888-231-2170.


Craft3 is a nonprofit lender with a mission to strengthen economic, ecological and family resilience in Pacific Northwest communities. It specializes in lending to business, nonprofits and individuals, including those who don’t normally have access to financing. Learn more at www.Craft3.org


Ada Developers Academy (Ada) is an intensive software developer training school for women. Ada’s unique year-long program begins with seven months of classroom instruction in cutting-edge web technologies in which students learn the most up-to-date development skills from leading regional and national experts. Learn more at www.AdaDevelopersAcademy.org.

What you'll need for this Application:

  • The DOB and SSN for the applicant and any co-borrower that is listed.
  • Contact information for each applicant including addresses , email addresses and phone numbers.

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